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New Rohnfried Premium Mineral Zufht, high quality minerals for breeding and molting.

100% natural product enriched with natural herbs and oregano.

- They provide all the amino acids, minerals and trace elements necessary during breeding and molting.
- They ensure a perfect eggshell.
- It favors the formation of the skeleton of the pigeons.
- Regulates metabolism.
- Promotes digestion.
- Provides the body with essential substances during the molt, to achieve a perfect plumage.

- Wide selection of minerals.
- High quality assorted seeds.
- Grains
- Vegetables
- Algae
- Vegetable Products and by-products

- It is recommended to administer a measuring cup (140 grams) for every 75 pigeons daily.

- 5 kg container

Rohnfried Premium Mineral Zucht 5 kg (Minerales de alta calidad para Cría y Muda

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