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New Rohnfried Pavifac 700 gr, beer yeast enriched with citric acid and bee pollen; 100% natural energy source

- Pavifac is a special beer yeast of high biological value. Yeast contains Zymocasein and Cerevisin, two protein components of essential amino acids. Pavifac is enriched with bee pollen and citric acid and is therefore particularly suitable as an accompaniment to improve corn.
- Provides a uniform and constant development in the youngsters.
- It favors the production of antibodies.
- 100% natural energy source.

- 2 times a week, mix 20 grams of Pavifac for every 2 kg of feed

- Pot of 700 grams

Rohnfried Pavifac 700 gr (beer yeast enriched with citric acid)

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