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Rohnfried Immunbooster 500gr, a latest generation product, scientifically developed to strengthen the immune system of pigeons and birds.

- Strengthens the immune system, reducing the risk of diseases
- Stimulates the reaction of the immune system
- Contains prebiotics, yeast and colostrum
- Has an anti-stress effect

- Yeasts
- Calcium carbonate,
- Charcoal,
- Lithothamn,
- Wheat fiber,
- Colostrum
- Zinc
- Copper
- Iron
- Glycine

- Dosage: 10 gr of product for every 20 pigeons
- Before stressful situations (exhibitions, competitions, trainings) 3-5 consecutive days
- After the flights, for 3 consecutive days
- During breeding, 2 times a week
- During the molt, 2 times a week
- Young people, 4 times a week
- During convalescent processes, give daily
- Vaccinations. Give a treatment for 7 days before vaccination
- Immunbooster improves its effectiveness when combined with Rohnfried Moorgold or Rohnfried Hexembier

- 500gr

Rohnfried Immunbooster 500gr

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