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New Rohnfried Entrobac, combination of probiotics and prebiotics ideal for intestinal stabilization in pigeons and birds

- Regenerates and stabilizes the intestinal flora
- Has a cleansing effect on the intestines, before and after exercise, during treatments and in stress phases
- Strengthens the immune system
- Has a preventive effect against e-coli, salmonella
- It has a fungicidal effect, prevents and eliminates fungi
- It is stable to antibiotics, making it an especially effective product during treatments.

- Probiotics
- Prebiotics
- Vitamins
- Other compounds

- 5 grams of product (1 level tablespoon) per kg of food or per liter of water

- It can be administered in food or dissolved in water
- Competition season: for 2 days after the flight
- Molt and breeding: 2 times a week
- Pigeons at the start of flights: 2 days before and 2 days after each flight
- After the treatments: 10 gr (2 level tablespoons) per 1 kg of food, to achieve a total regeneration of the intestinal flora
- It is recommended to moisten the food previously with Moorgold de Rohnfried

- Jar of 600 gr powder

Rohnfried Entrobac, 600 gr (prebiotics + probiotics). For Pigeons and Birds

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